Tuition and Fees

For information about tuition and fees for the Master's in Prosthetics & Orthotics Program, please see the NUPOC webpage: 

The totals provided on the web pages below include tuition, loan fees, room and board, transportation, and other expenses that the Committee on Financial Aid to Students takes into account when determining your required educational budget for NUPOC programs.

2013-14 Tuition and Fees

Masters in Prosthetics and Orthotics


Annual Amount

Tuition $27,500
Lab Fee $2,955
Room and Board $16,512
Personal $3,708
Transportation $1,372
Health Insurance $3,067
Loan Fees $1,696
Budget Total $56,810

2012-13 Tuition and Fees

8-Month Blended Certificate Program


Fall 2012

(Aug 12 - Mar 13)

Winter 2013

(Oct 12 -Jun 13)

Tuition $24,200 $24,200
Lab Fee*** $2,455*** $2,455***
Hospitalization Insurance $2,842 $2,842
Loan Fees $941 $941
Other -- --
Personal $2,471 $2,471
Room & Board $11,004 $11,004
Transportation $1,294 $1,294
Books $842 $842
Budget Total $46,049 $46,049

***This fee is collected by NUPOC and covers the laptop and other program related expenses. Students must pay NUPOC Directly. This fee WILL NOT be deducted from your student loans when they disburse and WILL NOT be included on your tuition bill from the university.