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Clinical Education Expenses and Financial Aid

Students may find that there are additional or unexpected expenses associated with clinical education. These expenses may include facility health requirements, criminal background checks and fingerprinting, transportation, meals, housing, and professional clinical attire.

In many cases, the standard estimated cost of attendance for the term will cover these additional expenses and students find that they do not need to request additional funding. In cases where a student’s expenses exceed the standard allowances in the cost of attendance, the student may appeal to the Office of Financial Aid for additional funding.

The Office of Financial Aid can consider an appeal for costs that exceed the standard allowance for the following expenses:


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Housing Documentation

The estimated cost of attendance includes a standard allowance per month for housing. If the housing for your clinical will the standard allowance for your program, submit a copy of your lease agreement, rental/Airbnb quote or other housing quote.


  • Costs for operating and maintaining a vehicle that is used to transport the student to and from clinical sites (not including the purchase of an automobile or auto loan or lease installment)
  • Airline tickets for transportation to and from a clinical site at the beginning and end of each rotation

Transportation Documentation

Roundtrip to clinical location
  • Airfare - submit a copy of your roundtrip airline receipt or quote for 1 flight to/from your clinical location
Ground Transportation
  • Rental Vehicle - submit a copy of your rental car receipt or quote for the duration of the clinical
  • Personal Vehicle - we use the federal mileage rate (currently 58.5 cents per mile) to allow for maintenance and operation (gas etc) of your car. We will determine this amount by calculating the roundtrip mileage to and from your clinical location and so will need your starting address and the arrival address at your clinical location (typically where you’re staying) Hotel stays-If your drive requires an overnight stay in a hotel(s) along the way, we can also cover that. Please provide either receipts or quotes for hotels along your route to/from the clinical location
Daily on-ground transportation to/from clinical
  • If you also need assistance with the costs associated with transportation to/from your clinical location each day, please provide us with quotes for the costs associated with traveling to the clinical (for example, public transportation costs or the address of your clinical location if driving your personal car). If there are parking charges associated with the clinical location, please make sure to include documentation of those as well.
Transportation for Chicagoland Clinicals
  • If you find that costs associated with travel to a Chicago-land clinical location exceed the estimated cost of attendance transportation allowance, we can also cover those additional costs. You would need to submit your transportation costs (Metra pass, Uber/Lyft/Taxi quotes, start and ending location if using personal vehicle) and we can determine the increase.


  • Specific uniform requirements (scrubs, clinic-specific clothing)

Miscellaneous Personal Expenses 

  • Background checks
  • Fingerprinting
  • Additional health requirements and immunizations 
  • Drug screens


Typically, students participating in clinicals who have appealed for additional expenses need assistance with additional costs associated with housing at the clinical location and/or transportation to/from the clinical location.

The appeal process for these items requires you to submit a letter of appeal (this can be an email request asking for additional funding to cover these expenses) along with documentation of those expenses. The drop downs above provide examples of the documentation that should be provided for housing and transportation:
If you find that your current loan funding will not cover other expenses (such as supplies or other
miscellaneous expenses), please contact the Chicago Financial Aid Office and we’re happy to work with you do determine the documentation that should be submitted for those items.

Once you submit your appeal request, it will be reviewed by the Financial Aid Office and you will be contacted with the results of the appeal. We may request additional documentation or ask for clarification prior to deciding the outcome of the appeal. Additional loan funding will be offered for the appeals that are approved.

We encourage students to apply for additional funding prior to the start of the clinical, but if you find that your expenses exceed your financial aid during your clinical, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We can still process an appeal request during the term of the clinical, but may not be able to process an appeal for expenses associated with a clinical in a prior term.