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Northwestern's Financial Offices

During the financial aid process, your application may progress though the following financial offices at Northwestern:

  1. Chicago Office of Financial Aid
  2. Office of Student Finance

1. Chicago Office of Financial Aid

This is the initial contact office in the financial aid process. The Chicago Financial Aid Office is responsible for:

  • Determining financial aid eligibility
  • Processing financial aid award notices
  • Certifying student loans

2. Office of Student Finance

This office is responsible for:

  • Emailing billing statements (i.e. tuition bills, etc) to students' Northwestern email accounts
  • Collecting tuition and fee payments (through CAESAR or in person with Depository Services)
  • Receiving all financial aid disbursements
  • Issuing student living expense refunds for students whose financial aid disbursements exceed the tuition and other charges on their student  account

Additionally, this office processes applications for the Perkins Loan, Primary Care Loan (PCL), or Northwestern Loan (NU Loan). These responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing these loan applications for final approval
  • Disbursing approved loan funds electronically to the student's account in each applicable term

Contact the Office of Student Finance