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SPS Professional Health Program

Am I eligible to receive federal financial aid?

Students in the Professional Health program may apply for financial aid and must complete the Undergraduate SPS University Aid application and FAFSA. Students will be awarded federal loan funding if they meet all requirements for federal aid according to the FAFSA guidelines.

What classes are covered by financial aid?

Only classes required as part of the Professional Health Program can be covered by financial aid. No electives will be covered. Therefore, if you take one required course and one elective, for the purposes of financial aid, you will only be enrolled in one course and will not qualify for financial loan assistance. You can find a list of the required courses on the SPS website (be sure to choose the program in which you are enrolled under the "Premedicine & Professional Health Careers" heading).

I already have a Bachelor's degree. Do I mark that I am working on a Graduate degree on my FAFSA?

No. The Professional Health Program is an undergraduate program and you should not mark that you are working on a Graduate degree on the FAFSA.

Am I eligible to receive federal or state grant assistance?

No. Students in the professional health program have already earned a Bachelor's degree. Once a student has received a Bachelor's degree, they are no longer eligible to receive federal or state grant assistance.

How much aid will a student typically receive in the Professional Health Program?

Students are generally offered enough aid to cover tuition and books. Students may be offered a private educational loan after their federal loans have been maximized. Private educational loans are subject to credit approval.