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Financial Aid List

The School of Professional Studies requires all students to pay 60% of tuition at the time of registration. Students may have the 60% requirement waived if they are on the "Financial Aid List" that is sent by the Office of Financial Aid on a rolling basis each quarter.

In order to be added to the financial aid list, students must have submitted all required application documents, including verification documents if required. Additionally, their financial aid application must be reviewed and an official aid award must be released.

A student's official award notification email is a student's verification that they have been added to the financial aid list for registration purposes and may now register without having to pay 60% of tuition upfront. A student will not be added to the financial aid list until their official award notification has been released.

If a student is admitted after the financial aid deadline for the quarter in which they intend to enroll, the student should contact the SPS Registrar's Office to determine their options for registering without being on the financial aid list.