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MD/MBA Tuition and Cost of Attendance

The totals provided on this page include tuition, loan fees, room and board, transportation and other expenses that the Committee on Financial Aid to Students takes into account when determining your required educational budget when in residence at Kellogg as part of the MD/MBA dual-degree program.

Looking for costs when in residence at Feinberg for the MD portion of the program? Click here.

2022-23 Cost of attendance
Direct Costs

These costs are set by the University and will appear on your invoice (Health Insurance will not be charged if you waive out of the Northwestern Health Insurance Plan). Tuition and fees are charged twice a year (during your M1 year, bills will be generated in July with an August 1 due date and December with a January 1 due date).

Summer 2022 Fall 2022 Winter 2023 Spring 2023
Tuition $26,138 $26,138 $26,138 $26,138
Fees (Student Activity and Experience Fee) $1,510 $110 $110 $110
Health Insurance $4,698*
Direct Costs Total
$27,648 $30,946 $26,248 $26,248
Indirect/Variable Costs

These estimated costs are based on averages for each of the categories as determined by surveying students in your program. These estimated expenses are not billed on your invoice but can be used to help you budget your living expenses for the year.

Summer 2022 Fall 2022 Winter 2023 Spring 2023
Room and Board (Rent, Utilities, Food, etc) $5,631 $5,631 $5,631 $5,631
Personal $1,020 $1,020 $1,020 $1,020
Books $576 $576 $576 $576
Transportation $228 $228 $228 $228
Loan Fees $456 $456 $456 $456
Indirect/Variable Costs Total $7,911 $7,911 $7,911 $7,911
Total Costs $35,559 $38,857 $34,159 $34,159